Friday, June 3, 2016

Building human settlements on Earth has caused many problems. We’ve learned about a few of these problems in the last couple of weeks. Today, you are going to complete your research on this topic and do some research on three other problems we’ve created on this planet:


Loss of Arable Land

Loss of Habitat

Use the above articles to write a report about these problems.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

In Geography, we have been learning about how human settlements on this planet has resulted in a lot of pollution: light pollution, air pollution, and water pollution. Today, you will learn how we are destroying the Earth’s soil.

Read the following article:

Causes and Effects of Soil Pollution

The main reason why soil becomes contaminated is due to the presence of man made waste. Explain.

How does industrial activity cause soil pollution?

How do agricultural activities cause soil pollution?

How does waste disposal cause soil pollution?

How do accidental oil spills cause soil pollution?

How does acid rain cause soil pollution?

How does soil pollution hurt humans?

How does soil pollution hurt the growth of plants?

Go on Google or YouTube and find an article/video that explains how we can repair soil damage. Summarize the key points.


Bocce Ball Championship Final

In a hair-raising and ¬†nail-biting final, Team Mia Trudell and Abby Orchard defeated Team Cory MacDonald and Dannielle Brown. Congratulations to both teams for their success in this year’s tournament that consisted of 16 team entries. ¬†First place winners will receive trophies. Second place winners will receive bottles of Pellegrino spring water. Photos to come . . .