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Students, watch this dance video . . .


Mathematics Homework, Thursday, September 21

Click on the link below and wait for the image to appear:

Students, calculate the perimeter of the shape. If this were a yard, how much would it cost to fence in this yard given that the cost per meter of fence is $2.05.

Mathematics Homework for Wednesday, September 20

Students, today you learned how to calculate the perimeter of a composite shape with some of its sides unknown. You also learned how to calculate the total cost to fence in each shape if you knew how much fencing cost per meter.

For homework, choose five composite shapes from the site below. Draw the diagrams. Label the diagrams. Be sure to find any unknown sides.

Step 1 – Calculate the perimeter of each composite shape.

Step 2 – If this were a fence, how much would it cost to fence in this yard if it cost $2.75 per meter of fence?

As always, show all steps in your solutions.

Here is the site: