Independent Novel Study

Independent Novel Study Project


Students, each month you will be required to complete an independent novel study project. Your first project is due October 15th. Find a book worthy of a Grade 8 student (between 200 and 500 pages). Your novel project must contain the following elements:


Part One:

Create a title page. You may create your own art on paper, or design it on computer. However, do not simply copy the original cover. Come up with your own design. Make sure your cover contains art, title, and author.


Part Two:

A one-page summary of the novel. Warning: Do not try to write the back cover. I will catch you.  Since you are getting ready for high school, I would prefer you submit a typed summary. However, if this is a problem, I will accept a hand-written summary.


Part Three:

Character sketches for the main characters in the novel.  A character sketch contains the following elements:

  • Appearance
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Feelings and behaviour towards other characters in the story
  • How other characters feel about him/her
  • Personality at the beginning of the story and how it changed by the end of the story
  • Your own opinions about a character


Part Four:

Hollywood is going to make a movie of the novel you read. Pretend you are a casting director. What actors/actresses from Hollywood today would you hire to play each main character? Explain why.


Part Five:

Find five scenes in the story that you think were the best scenes. Describe them, and offer an opinion about each scene.


Part Six:

Find a song that goes along with your most memorable scene. Provide the lyrics and explain why you think this song fits well with the scene you selected.


Assemble all parts of the project in order, and submit.


Happy reading!


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