Thursday, October 22, 2015

For Literacy . . .

Of Mice and Men, Chapter 5

The opening scene is with Lennie’s puppy. Summarize the scene.

Why does Curley’s wife come into the barn? What does she tell Lennie about how her life could have been a lot different?

“I done another bad thing.” What is this in reference to? Explain in detail.

Word Study:

Earnest – “I think you’re nuts,” she said. “No, I ain’t,” Lennie explained earnestly.

Complacent – “Some people got kinda coarse hair,” she said complacently. “But mine is soft and fine.”

Writhe – “Her feet battered on the hay and she writhed to be free.”

Put the following in your Creative Writing File . . .

Creative Writing

Watch the following video titled: How to Begin Writing a Horror Story:

The woman who posted this video wrote a book titled Creative Writing for Dummies. Summarize her advice as to how to write a scary story.

Watch the following video titled: My Scary Stories:

This person tells you four scary stories that happened to her. Which story did you like the best? Retell this story in your own words.

Do you think this person followed the scary story outline advice from the first video you watched? Explain why or why not.

Using information you learned today from the first video, write a scary story. Keep it between 250 and 300 words. Share your Creative Writing file with me when you are finished.

Part 3 – Independent novel study.


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