Monday, November 9, 2015

For History . . .

A reminder – History test on Friday, Chapters 9 to 13.

Chapter 14 – Spreading The Word About Canada

Read pages 200 to 202 of textbook.

Who became prime minister of Canada in 1896?

When did John A. Macdonald die? What did he die of? How long did he serve as prime minister of Canada?

Laurier served as Canada’s prime minister for 15 years and this time is known as the Golden Age of Laurier. Explain.

What happened in 1905?

Who is Clifford Sifton? What job did Laurier give him to do?

What six things did Sifton already know about western Canada?

What three things did Sifton not know?

What specific group did Sifton want to move to Canada?

What did Laurier often tell students?

What was Laurier’s greatest gift to Canada, according to some?


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