Monday, February 29, 2016

Chapter 1 continued . . .

Population Density

Watch the following video:

Define population density.

Insert a graphic into your OneNote that shows the difference between different population densities.

Climate is one factor that can influence population density. Where is the population highest in Florida. Why? In addition to your answer, provide a graphic.

The second factor that affects population density is location. Using Florida as your example, explain.

Orlando, Florida, is very swampy. Why do a lot of people live there? How were land prices affected when Disney World located there?

How do natural resources affect where people want to live? Again, use Florida as an example. In addition, provide a graphic.

Read the following article that shows various maps pertaining to Canada’s population density:

Study all of the population maps on this site. You will notice that most of Canada is empty space in terms of population density.

Looking at the second map, list five Canadian cities that have a population density of 50 people or more per square kilometer. Copy this map into your OneNote.