Science for Tuesday, March 7

Unit – The Chemistry of Life

Topic – Matter, Elements, and Atoms

Read the following article:–of-life/elements-and-atoms/a/matter-elements-atoms-article


  1. At the most basic level, what is all life made of?
  2. Everything you are, including your consciousness, is a byproduct of what?
  3. What is matter?
  4. All matter is made up of elements. Explain.
  5. How many elements are there? How many occur naturally? Where did the other elements come from?
  6. Why is the chemical symbol for sodium Na?
  7. What are the four elements common to all living organisms?
  8. An atom consists of two regions. Explain.
  9. What is an uncharged, neutral atom?
  10. What is most of the volume of an atom made of? Explain why this is so.
  11. With all of the empty space in an atom, why don’t solid objects just pass through one another?

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