Science, Thursday, June 1

The Scientific Method is Crap

Watch the following video:

1) What are the steps in the scientific method?

2) What are the problems with using the scientific method? Explain each problem in detail.

3) As a culture, why do we fear science? Explain the three reasons why.

4) What is the cycle of scientific thinking?

5) What makes scientists different from other people?

6) Why is the cycle of scientific thinking better than following the scientific method?

7) There are only three things that can happen with this better model for science. What are these three things?

8) According to this scientist, you don’t have to be an expert to do science. Explain what is good enough.


Science, Tuesday, May 30

Artificial Intelligence

Watch the following video:


1) Tell me about the games Chess and Go as it relates to today’s concept of artificial intelligence in computers.

2) A.I.  can create music. How?

3) Tell me about speech engines.

4) How does all of this work? Use a baby as an analogy as to how A.I. computers learn.

5) What is an artificial neural network?

6) What is the limiting factor of the human brain?

7) How big can an artificial brain be?

8) Why won’t A.I. machines need humans at the controls?

9) Why is this speaker worried?

10) How does the speaker use the story of a colony of ants to make his point?

Science, Friday, May 26

Elon Musk and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Advancement

Watch the following video:


1) “We are summoning the demon,” warns Elon Musk. What does he mean?

2) What is at the heart of the black box quantum computer in Burnaby, B.C.?

3) The quantum computer gets faster with each generation (every new computer built). Provide an example of its speed improvement from year to year by comparing the speed to that of a donkey and a jet. Also, the speed from New York to Los Angeles.

4) According to Elon Musk, what happens if human intelligence is exceeded by A.I. computers?

5) In this video, a prediction is made about what will happen within 15 years. Explain.

6) Are you worried about artificial intelligence in computers? Explain why or why not.

Science, Tuesday, May 23

Robots and The Future of Work

Watch the following video:


1) With regards to robots, what are people afraid of?

2) Provide examples from the video about how we use robots today.

3) What jobs are disappearing due to AI technology?

4) According to this speaker, what is inevitable?

5) What happens when one type of job disappears? Provide three examples from the video.

6) This speaker says that in the future, we will have to tax robots. Explain why.

7) In the future, why might governments pay its citizens, even though they do not work?

8) Economist John Maynard Keynes made a prediction a long time ago. What was his prediction?

9) According to this speaker, was John Maynard Keynes correct?