Science, Friday, May 26

Elon Musk and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Advancement

Watch the following video:


1) “We are summoning the demon,” warns Elon Musk. What does he mean?

2) What is at the heart of the black box quantum computer in Burnaby, B.C.?

3) The quantum computer gets faster with each generation (every new computer built). Provide an example of its speed improvement from year to year by comparing the speed to that of a donkey and a jet. Also, the speed from New York to Los Angeles.

4) According to Elon Musk, what happens if human intelligence is exceeded by A.I. computers?

5) In this video, a prediction is made about what will happen within 15 years. Explain.

6) Are you worried about artificial intelligence in computers? Explain why or why not.


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