Science, Monday, June 5


Watch the following video:

1) Knowing that sound is a wave is important. Explain why.

2) Sound is a longitudinal wave. Explain.

3) Explain how you hear a sound on your phone when you get a text message or incoming call.

4) Sound waves are sometimes referred to as pressure waves. Explain.

5) How does a microphone work?

6) How do our eardrums work?

7) What is pitch?

8) When do humans hear best?

9) What happens as humans get older?

10) How do building security companies take advantage of this?

11) What does ultrasonic mean?

12) What does infrasonic mean?

13) How do we calculate intensity?

14) What happens when we hear a sound that is above one watt per square meter?

15) What is the relationship between loudness and intensity?

16) What is the intensity difference between 0 bels and 1 bel?

17) What is a decibel unit? Why do we use decibel units?

18) What happens the closer you get to a sound?

19) What is the Doppler Effect?