Bocce Champions 2017

Leslie Turnbull and Chloe Desmarais are this year’s bocce champs. They defeated Lily Bishop and Thomas Howard 11 to 9 in this 10th annual tournament that consisted of 20 teams.

Leslie and Chloe win a pasta lunch with their teacher, Mr. D’Aloisio.

Officiating the game was Phoebe Trealout.

Science, Wednesday, June 21

The Science of Sound Waves

Continue reading yesterday’s article titled “Sound.”


1) When clapping your hands some distance away from a flat wall, why is there a delay between a sound and its echo?

2) Sound waves lose energy as they travel. Explain.

3) Why can we hear around corners?

4) Define diffraction.

5) Why do instruments sound different?

6) What is a sonic boom?

7) Why do people who breathe in helium talk in funny voices?

Science, Tuesday, June 20


Read the following article:


  1. There are two different aspects to sound. Explain.
  2. Sound is like light in some ways. Explain.
  3. There is an important difference between light and sound. Explain.
  4. Who discovered that sound needed a medium? What was the experiment? Explain the four steps involved in the experiment. Draw a labelled diagram of the experiment.
  5. A sound wave is a longitudinal wave. An ocean wave is a transverse wave. Explain.
  6. Draw a labelled diagram showing the difference between a sound wave and an ocean wave.

Science, Monday, June 19


Continue watching the video posted on Friday. Start watching from the 7 minute mark. Stop watching at the 19 minute mark.


  1. Explain how you could make a model of an eardrum at home. In addition, provide a labelled diagram.
  2. Define wave.
  3. Define frequency.
  4. What causes a high pitch?
  5. What causes a low pitch?
  6. Explain how you could use sound to break a wine glass.